Saturday, April 5, 2014

Great Social Networking Tips and Tricks

Here are some great social networking tips and tricks to make the most of your social media campaigns. 

1. On LinkedIn, you should never send an email blast to every one of your connections. However, you can create lists of ‘tagged’ group so you can send relevant and helpful information to your contacts at strategic times. This will eliminate issues of spamming. Also, you will be taken more seriously.

2. Facebook is probably the undeniable king of social media at the moment. Looking after your Facebook may seem very crucial. A lot of companies are just not getting enough likes and shares of their material. Well, this basically either means your content is poor or your style is poor.  To correct content you need material of substance. Something that makes you ponder. Something worth sharing. Think about your product put a spin on this. The style is usually how you portray your statuses. Is it just text? Because if it is you’re going to fail. People are engaged through images. Put statuses up using images. Put your product in there and put a question in their for your audience to answer. 

3. Build a strong social media presence on a few sites. It’s very tough to build on 7-10 sites were you can concentrate a few and become more popular. Remember its quality over quantity. Also if other social media platforms are important for you, you can always revisit after you have made a success of the first few. 

4. Don’t be afraid to hand out free content. 90% of thoughts about buying said to start from online. Now if you gave away some elements of your content to your social presence it wont decrease your wealth. However research tells us that it will show security from the customer and if your product is good it will increase your sales for the future. 
So these are some of our social media tips that we think should be carefully analysed and looked over. For more info please visit Adreamcreation website.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

What is White, Black and Grey hat SEO?

White hat SEO

White hat SEO is the correct way of doing SEO. It is ethically based and loved by the search engines. The aim of this technique is to improve rankings on the search engines with out compromising the site and getting penalised in the future. The white hat technique does take longer than other technique but in the long run is the best way to go forward.

There are various ways of doing White hat SEO. Here are a few methods to see if you are on the correct track:

- Researching keywords, using both long and short tail keywords.
- Including keywords naturally in page titles, headings, anchor text and alt tags
- Adding fresh content always
- Creating site with valid coding
- Creating a Sitemap
- Adding quality content that lures readers and allows shares.

Grey hat SEO

Grey hat SEO techniques are a step down from White hat so as you can imagine it consists of elements of white hat but taking a lot of risks. This technique most likely won’t get you banned from the search engines but as we have seen various grey hat methods of the past have turned to black hat techniques. So we have to be very careful.

Here are a few Grey Hat techniques:

- Having a keyword density that's high enough to sound unnatural
- Publishing duplicate content at different sites
- Link building where relevance is less important
- Using paid links

Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO techniques are the unethical methods. These are completely disliked by search engines. They usually only focus on going to the top with out caring about the likes and dislikes of the search engine. This technique usually leads to being completely being penalised from the search results.

Here are a few Black Hat techniques:

- Overusing keywords in tags, alt tags, and meta tags
- Placing keywords in hidden text by making their font colour the same colour as the page background
- Overusing keywords and repeating them over and over in the content.
- Using Link farms
- Spamming forums, blogs, and other social media sites with links

Adreamcreation White Hat SEO

Adreamcreation have been in the SEO industry for the past 5 years now. They have seen what was grey turn black, and saw a number algorhythm change. At Adreamcreation they use the most effective methods. Adreamcreation SEO Company London has started taking a look at existing campaigns of existing customers for free to see what level they have left you in. Principal resource

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Simple Techniques to Help Promote Your Website

Having a website is a must for any business. Designing and developing a website is only the first step in creating online presence. Once you have a website up and running the next step is to promote it. What is the point in having an amazing looking website if no one can find it right? Here are a few techniques that you can do to help create online awareness for you website.
On-page optimisation:
On-page optimisation is the method of using the available features and content on your website to directly increase online discoverability. There are a range of methods that you can implement to your website design that will help to boost traffic.
1. Using H1, H2, Meta tags, Page Titles
Using the right headings, page titles, descriptions can directly increase your websites search engine optimisation. Search engines will use this information to determine what your page is about and displays it like my website keyword Web Design Companies London so it will show on the search results. Always use precise and influential titles and headings and descriptions to help attract a human user to visit your website. Ask your web designer for more information if you are unsure of how to use these tags.
2. Content, Articles and Blogs
All websites need useful content to attract a user to visit them. Your website should contain information that users will want to read.The best way to write new content is in the form of blogs or articles. The more interesting and exciting the content, the more time users will spend on your website. This then allows users to either share or post comments which will help to generate more interest in future articles and blogs.
3. Use images effectively
Images are a great way to make any website look great and provide an alternative way to display information. However, most websites don’t use them to their utmost potential. Ensure the image file names are named properly. Avoid naming images “1.jpg” and so on. Search engines can actually pick up the name of images and display them on results so use a name that relates to the picture and the content on the website. Use alt tags to write a clear description of the image. This helps to describe what the image is representing and can also be picked up by search engines.
Off-page optimisation:
Off-page optimisation is the method of promoting a website on external pages. This helps to create awareness of your website by having your website accessible from many places. Having your website in more than one place increases the chances of users finding it.
4. Social Bookmarking
Social media is one of the most effective ways to share and promote any business or website.  Platforms such as facebook and twitter have millions of users using them each day and are free to use. Create social pages for your website and provide a link. This will help to create some backlinkingto help generate more traffic. Post links to your articles or products here and share it amongst relevant groups. This will help to create a ‘social buzz’ and increase popularity of your website. This will also help you to communicate with your audience and create a relationship.
5. Listings and Directories
There are many websites that offer tools to create a listing of your business. Hundreds and thousands of people use these sites everyday so take advantage of them. These sites will allow you to write a description of your business and the services you have to offer. Make sure to take your time when writing these as this will attract potential customers into using your services. Don’t forget to add a link to your website. This will create some more backlinking to increase traffic and will allow users to find out more about you.

For full article chheck out this link

Monday, May 27, 2013

How you can easily understand your site unique visitors with analytic tool

Check website unique visitors, back links traffic source
Sometimes we are facing big trouble understanding about unique visitors as well as site traffic , back links source. Google analytic tool is the most important for understanding unique visitor with perfect date range.  It is very helpful and accurate result showing tool by different territory visitor. It obtain quick and genuine Unique Visitors (UV) metric,GA uses different techniques for counting Unique Visitors, let me write something about inside navigation.

Actually what show the analytic tool
First you need to add the analytic code in your site whichever provides you GA, then you will get a navigation same like my screen short. There you will get Audience option click here.

The graph will show you number of visitor (not just unique) last 30 days. Down site of the graph  you will see  as like Visits, UV, Page views, Bounce Rate .

For example you see 6000 unique visitor and 12000 times visits, then you should to understand unique visitors visited the site twice a month.

Click on the Unique Visitors graph for view the UV several days’ graph.

There you will get traffic source option click here  then it will view  Search Traffic , Referral Traffic , Traffic as well as which keyword used the traffic for visiting the site.

Click the traffic source option, which way used to visit your site as like  Google, bing, yahoo etc browsers as well as  show Direct & referrals source traffic. I think google gives more priority for unique visitor, use this tool it will be better for you for tracking UV visitor. 

For getting update information from GA tool, frist go sing up there 

After sing up you will get a option same like my screenshot. Fill up the blank box and keep your site all information with the requirement of box.

Paste the code in your site and enjoy this useful site analytics tool.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Free plagiarism checker online tool

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is not right way, some of blogger or writer copy and paste content from the other site, what is the wrong way. I always say Plagiarism is illegal and dirty work what done by inadequate bloggers. Also I want to say copying other content it's similar as stealing.

Right now let me tell you a story regarding Plagiarism.

One day you did write an article about “what is white hat SEO service” and its word almost 800, further more before article writing you did many recherch√© about it spend many time. Now you did present your readers a fresh content. Some days later you see someone Plagiarism as well as copy paste your article furthermore visitor and readers visited his/her site. When you see that obviously your feeling about this issue not more good. You want throwing and his/her content. No problem you can direct or indirectly complain about this matter. I add link there, you can follow instruction may be it will helpful for you.  

Today’s I am sharing with everybody any copy paste or Plagiarism checker tool.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Free SEO WebRank and AddThis tool tips

How add web rank toolbar in firefox

Web Rank Toolbar no matter what you can certainly find through Firefox having add-ons. It is very useful advance level SEO service tool more over for understanding Google Page rank, Alexa, Compete and Quantcast Rank, pages indexed and back links in Google, Bing and Yahoo. You could possibly quickly analysis your site position with this tool just like your site traffic up as well as down, site page rank. You can very simply add this tool in your Firefox browser please view this link it could help full for you.

Manually page rank checker click here 

Put Addthis toolbar in Firefox

Social media marketing help to promoting your site huge traffic or through social media sites. If you want get your target audience and largest traffic then you should to do SMM your site.  Add this tool could possibly ideal for you concerning SMM. It is very easy to sharing your site in social site as like face book, twitter, delicious etc.  Add this tool in your Firefox click here

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

SEO most four important distribution, forum posting, directory submission, blog commenting, article submission

What is forum posting?

Technological innovation nowadays provides gotten to a level wherever all facts is actually handy. Today's many people involve in web and they are following their information each other. People who different part of the world but they exchange their information with the online community. Now we can easily get our valuable information with online community forum.

Forum posting is also important for your site SEO. Huge people join in online community and they share their site information. You can get easily targeted audience; will increase traffic and page ranking. here I am shared with everybody some high page rank community forum.


The question is what is Directory submission?

Directory submission is most important for your targeted visitor as we as backlinks.In order to advertising your web site swiftly the Directory  may be the easy way. Several of  directory site you must be paid and  few involving no cost. Many sites take more time to review your web site but some quick instant approval your site. . You'll be able to send your web site much more sites it will look like spider web what can market site extremely fast. here i add some directories list

What is blog comment, how  blog comments important for Search engine optimization?

We do think about blog comments is important for SEO. Yes Google rates blog comment that’s true and like natural unique comment. There are two way you can do this one is auto approval and one waiting for approval. But I know some SEO expert advice me about this, wait for approval it is more essential for good back links. If anybody did copy and paste commenting then it is harmful for site as well as back links. You can visit what Google says in their webmaster tools recently: If anyone do  spammy comments  against their rules.

Why article submission is important for SEO?  SEO tips about Article Directories.

Yes article submission in Article Directories about site it’s important for  you site SEO. If you want to inform to inform about site and add any new services in your site than article submission one of the way. We must be careful about unique article as Google panda update can count duplicate or copy paste article what is very bed effect for your site.  You may be won’t get benefit long time about visitor but you can hit a good back links from Article Directories site.  Here I am adding some high pr site


We furthermore let you know if you need to hire top  quality article writer then it is possible to connection with us.

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